WITH is the most original artist's project in Britain today 

Jennifer Thatcher, Kultureflash, 2006


Since 2003 A.R. Hopwood has worked under the guise of 'WITH', creating playful conceptual artworks that explore the idea of "experiential offsetting" through a series of Solutions. Whether creating evidence of a happier (or more traumatic) past, playing out a worst case scenario or exercising on your behalf, WITH claim to offer their clients "time-saving solutions for personal growth and individual development". WITH's home is the site specific website withyou.co.uk and all performance and exhibition work takes the content of the site as a point of departure.


Through a number of collaborations Hopwood has created a footprint of WITH's 'Client' and 'Agent' activities through live performance, events and exhibitions with a variety of partners including Mona, Tate Britain, ICA London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Hayward Gallery, ArtProjx, Plymouth Art Centre, Beaconsfield, Rokeby and Chapter. 


The best way to get under the skin of WITH is to visit withyou.co.uk and make your way through each solution. The images above provide a snapshot of WITH's activities from a performance residency at ICA London through to a major solo commission with Mona in 2019.


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